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i legit want this on the wall somewhere in my livingroom

every now and then i fall                                                 

every now and then i lose control

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Quick doodle of my candy spiral. :)

Anonymous asked: hello yes i am an anonymous anon asking you a question hi what are your top five kinks

i can’t believe it. my very own anonymous anon thank u

i can’t pick and choose well so here are my tentative top 5 favorites in no particular order

  • clothed sex (i specifically rly like the way clothing feels and looks during sex idk…)
  • sensory deprivation
  • necks. necks n collarbones. is that a kink?? 
  • rly rough sex (i like it soft too but people never go hard enough when i tell them i want it rough)
  • begging… like tbh if u have a good voice and u moan for me i’m gonna melt

i’m rly kinky so there’s a lot more than this that i love too


How does this even happen? I have to get most legendaries beaten to an inch of their life, asleep, with every button pressed and my first born sacrificed for some catches. And TPP just throws a ball at full HP and catches a fucking shiny Zekrom like it aint even a thing.


Gravity Falls

Bonus Gif Set 9
Most realistic argument with a sibling I’ve ever seen

kebra / f / artist and dragon irl

#21112 on Flight Rising.

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