What better way to celebrate Halloween then a 31 day ART CHALLENGE?

RULES: Art submissions can be most anything (stories, drawings, crafts, etc) as long as they pertain to one of the days words. See how creatively you can incorporate the words for each day!

Feel free to submit your writing/art to the Challenge’s main blog, spoopyartchallenge. It’s a great way to meet other artists and give your creations some exposure! Signal boosts always help!!

Five more days till the challenge starts. Are you ready?





look at this thing im gonna try to do, esp since i havent posted as much as i wanted to!


a commission i did for my friend regalbryant! everywhere i upload changes the colors a little bit but idc anymore. go here for full quality and full size!

some sketches 4 an ed paschke painting for my painting 4 class, went w #2, gonna have some crazy lighting coming in from behind her im excited

first one is some faces, abt 3-4 months old, still cute. they look like that ryuko stuff but i’m including them anyway so i can see the improvement between the two.

second one is a thing i drew on the side of my aquatic science notes today and will hopefully turn into a full drawing and use in a collage!

some ryuko sketches, abt 8 months old, but i still like the first two

this is dumb and weird.png

inspired by by my girl @pizzapigeon

and now some current stuff! all of this was drawn within the past 3 days!

i drew half of the stuff in the very first picture while i was piss drunk, bonus points if you can figure out what was sober art and what was drunk art lmao


here’s a painting i did to push myself out of my comfort zone and i’m p happy w it

my most recent digital piece, no soft brushes used bc soft brushes are for babies, def wanna do this again


i never posted it but also there’s this which is my sidebar 

mabel from gravity falls! only flat coloring but it was still fun


this is lou/stratogender’s robot oc malware! they’re rly gr8

a couple weeks old, pretty recent

sort of lazy with the hidden hand and lazy with the colors too but i was trying something new that i think was p successful, just gotta put in more effort 

bonus: alternate malware i never posted, even sloppier in coloring but that was because it was a color test, and i like the colors more on this one, so. gonna have to get back to using this technique in a more polished way!